All You Can Eat–Dong Hu

Dinner Time Love Japanese food and love even more when we can do "all you can eat"... no limits meal... Dong Hu restaurant satisfies our requirements, this is why we go once a week... Sushi rolls, sashimi, edamame, this is all we need... #beyourmotivation10

Fried Tuna

Dinner Time Don't feel like eating any meat today, but still wanted to eat some alternative delicious foodporn... Today's foodporn meal: Sandwich with fried tuna...  Restaurant Come il mare, Gaeta (LT) Top restaurant, top food, top employees... #beyourmotivation10

New Fish Tacos 

Dinner time Love fish tacos during the summer... There are many different alternatives of tacos but the restaurant Come Il Mare, situated in Gaeta, makes my favorites... Salmon taco and tuna taco... Enjoy your tacos... #beyourmotivation10

Swordfish Tacos 

Want to eat fresh seafood? The perfect restaurant is called Comeilmare... it's located in Gaeta, Italy and it is a fishery transformed in a nice and hospitable place where they cook fresh seafood... My favorite plate is fish taco made with swordfish, salad and mayonnaise... Go and try it... they have only top quality ingredients... … Leggi tutto Swordfish Tacos 

Momed Restaurant

Looking for a nice restaurant near the center of Beverly Hills? Momed is the restaurant you are looking for... The kitchen is open therefore you can see when they prepare your plate, the food is fresh and all the sauces are all homemade... what are you waiting for?  Check it out... My order: To start … Leggi tutto Momed Restaurant

Pure Cupcakes

Top cupcakes da Pure Cupcakes... I migliori cupcakes li ho mangiati a San Diego... una vera delizia per il palato e nonostante i gusti articolati i cupcakes erano delicati... I miei top cupcakes flavors: Caramello, cocco e mandorle, red velvet, cioccolato e caramello, double chocolate, vaniglia e confetti, cocco e crema di limone e burro … Leggi tutto Pure Cupcakes

Cinnabon–World Famous Cinnamon Rolls

Vi piace la cannella?  Questo è il dolce che fa per voi... cinnamon rolls... ​​ Una deliziosa girella alla cannella... viene ricoperta da una glassa allo zucchero e a vostro piacere può essere ricoperta anche con del caramello e noci... una vera bontà... Se andate negli Stati Uniti non perdetevi questo piacere... #beyourmotivation10