Restaurant SambaMaki Viale Regina Margherita, 168 (RM) Fusion Cusine How does this restaurant differentiate from other fusion cusine restaurants? The key factor is that also it's Chef is a fusion of culture, since his mother is Japanese and his dad is Brazilian, therefore it does not offer the classic japanese or brazilian food, but on … Leggi tutto SambaMaki


Japanese Restaurant and more... It is a Japanese Restaurant, but its menu includes also Chinese dishes... sushi, sashimi, noodles, tempura... Arashi creates lovely first and second course dishes and it allows  you to eat with the format NO LIMITS during the week... Via Cassia, 923, 00189, Roma (IT)

Love Temaki

Lunch Time It's time for some fusion food, in specific temaki... This delicious temaki is made with salmon tartare and crunchy shrimp... love this contrast soft, crunchy... it creates an amazing taste... Go and try this special temaki... This is my favorite temaki and you can find it at Temakinho, lovely restaurant situated in Rome... … Leggi tutto Love Temaki


One of my favorites food fusion restaurant... Temakinho Delicious food fusion, created with a mix of amazing flavors... it is able to create a delicate taste by combining two different cuisines...Salmon TartareRolls: crunchy salmon, crunchy shrimps, salmon tartare...Temaki: salmon tartare and crunchy shrimps#beyourmotivation10

Avocado Bar

Are you an Avocado Lover???Then this is the perfect restaurant for you...All recipes are with avocado, but what is more important is that all the ingredients fit perfectly together...First Avocado Bar in Rome... what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy these delicious plates...Tentación:Avocado, cheese, basmatic sauce and nutsToast:Avocado, pink hummus, cheese and nuts...Corazón:Toast, avocado … Leggi tutto Avocado Bar

MagnumXMoschino Event At Magnum Pleasure Store

Fantastic event at the Magnum Pleasure Store for Magnum X Moschino... Magnum Pleasure Store Rome: Via Tomacelli, 13 Top ice cream, top crew and top guests... Go and try this delicious Personalized Magnum... make your Magnum as you desire, black or white and add any extra topping, nuts, caramel, pistachios, marshmallows, meringue and many more... … Leggi tutto MagnumXMoschino Event At Magnum Pleasure Store

Energy Bowl 

Snack time Giornata pesante?  La soluzione che fa per voi è un delizioso energy bowl da Ginger... ricaricatevi in maniera gustosa e salutare...  Enjoy this sweet lovely bowl at Ginger Sapori e Salute #beyourmotivation10

Ristorante Greco

Fantastico ristorantino Greco nei pressi di San Paolo... Il locale è molto accogliente e la cucina è molto buona... Il menù è vasto e assolutamento tipico... Provare per credere... Pita con spiedino di pollo, tzatziki, feta al peperoncino e patatine...