Good Morning!!! My favorite outfit combination... wide pants and a top... it's fashionable and its comfortable at the same time... What do you think about this outfit? Share it with us... #beyourmotivation10

Total Black

The way we dress most of the time reflects our humor, but it's something that we do unconsciously... A total black outfit may mean many different things, mostly negative emotions, but with our accessories we add other emotions to our outfit, which may be also postive... My outfit in fact is almost total black, with … Leggi tutto Total Black

Summer Touch To My Outfit

Sunny day 🌞 Use your accessories to bring some color in your outfit... Today I decided to use coral accessories in order to give that summer touch to my outfit... What do you think about it?  Share it with us... and come on Depop and find new accessories for you: gaiatrocchia #beyourmotivation10

Traveling Outfit 

Buongiornoooo!!! Si parte per un viaggio di 10h perciò si opta per un outfit comodo ma stylish allo stesso tempo... don't lose your style when you travel... Traveling outfit: Pantalone e scarpe by Adidas Felpa by Victoria Secret Giacca di pelle by Zara #beyourmotivation10

Happy Easter

Buona Pasqua 🐣  Outfit Simple but stylish... Easter outfit: Top by Vicolo Pantalone by Abercrombie & Fitch Giacca by Elisabetta Franchu Espadrillas by Kenzo Paris Occhiali da sole by Fendi Iphone cover by Chiara Ferragni

Inspired By The Weather 

Buongiornooo!!! Il sole va e viene... il mio outfit è proprio come il tempo... il giallo richiama il sole, il nero e bianco le nubi... use your immagination... be alternative...  Outfit: Jeans by Zara Felpa by Mykonos Scarpe by Shop Art Zainetto by Michael Kors Occhiali da sole by Pinko #beyourmotivation10

Bunny Buns Style

Buongiornoooo!!! Non sapete più come gestire i vostri capelli? Ecco un'alternativa alla classica coda... bunny buns... comode, veloci da fare e perfette per stare fresche durante la giornata... Try them...  Bunny Buns outfit: T-Shirt by Kontatto Pantalone by Na-Nu Bomber by Gaelle Paris Espadrillas by Kenzo Paris Occhiali da sole by Pinko #beyourmotivation10