Awesome Plum Jam

Good Morning!!! Today I had the pleasure to start my day with a new jam flavor... plum... it is homemade jam, made by a colleague of my boyfriend... a delicious taste...  What is your favorite jam flavor? Share it with us... #beyourmotivation10

Family Breakfast 

Good Morning!!! Saturday it's family breakfast... Each of us eat something different, but it's nice to be together... for breakfast we have different healthy choices, yogurt with fruit and homemade granola, bread with jam and a cup of milk and the last choice is peach and apricot smoothie and melba toast and jam... Enjoy your … Leggi tutto Family Breakfast 

Flamingo Smoothie 

Good Morning!!! Let's start the day with a delicious recharging smoothie... This fresh healthy flamingo smoothie is made with blueberries and blackberries... It's a delicious mix made with acid fruit, but if you want to add some sweet taste to it, then add some strawberries... Enjoy your breakfast... #beyourmotivation10

Juice Extractor

Good Morning!!! It's time to experiment new alternatives for our breakfast and today I decided to change by trying a new juice extractor, composed of apple, ginger and curcuma... It's fresh, healthy and spicy... try it and share your opinion... #beyourmotivation10

Sweet, Lovely Breakfast 

Good Morning!! What do you eat in the morning in order to start your day?  Share your breakfast with us... Here is mine: My breakfast consists in blueberries, blackberries, low fat yogurt and homemade granola... What do you think about my breakfast?? #beyourmotivation10