Leo’s Bagel

You can't leave New York without having a delicious bagel... One of my favorite bagels is from Leo's Bagel, located near Wall Street... You can pick from the menu or make your own... top ingredients for an amazing flavor... Enjoy! Bagel made by me: Cream cheese, avocado and ham... #beyourmotivation10

Best Pancake NYC

Looking for some delicious pancakes in New York City? You must go to Bubby... top restaurant with a vast menu, but my favorite plate is Blueberry pancakes... They will make your day! What are you waiting? Go and enjoy your pancakes! #beyourmotivation10

PhD Midtown Terrace

It's time to enjoy New York City rooftops... You must go to PHD Terrace Midtown, you will enjoy the never sleeping city while you will be sipping your amazing cocktail and tasting delicious food... Cocktails: One night in Bangkok and Wild berry Food: Truffle and Parmesan fries, Pretzel bites with cheese and avocado toast... You … Leggi tutto PhD Midtown Terrace

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Treat yourself... in what way? Enjoy life by doing what makes you happy... Today I decided to treat myself by enjoying a delicious ice cream from MILK & CREAM CEREAL BAR located in New York City, Little Italy... Treat yourself... think about yourself first...enjoy life!

New Territories NYC

My head says go to the gym, my heart says eat more ice cream... is this also your case? You must try this amazing Milkshake from New Territories NYC... Mr. Grumpy: Peanuts rimmed cup, artisan chocolate ice cream, rice crispy treat, picky, torched marshmallow, whipped cream...

Frozen Sweet

Asian Style Ice Cream The peculiarity of Asian Ice cream is that it starts as liquid and it is frozen right on the plate... but first you must create your own bowl based on your tastes by following four simple steps... Step 1: Choose the base: vanilla, chocolate, coconut, etc... Step 2: Choose with what … Leggi tutto Frozen Sweet


Love cheese? This is the restaurant for you... Located in East Village, New York City RACLETTE Choose the base and then choose what amazing cheese you want on top... I had a steak with mushrooms and asparagus covered with truffle cheese... Make your combination of taste and enjoy! #beyourmotivation10