Hydro Bike

Workout during vacation It is good to keep on with the workout also in vacation... Take advantage if your hotel offers workout activities or make it yourself, by walking, avoiding elevators and taking the stairs... Small arrangements that make the difference... My hotel offers many different activities and I decided to do Hydro Bike... ​​

Fajitas De Pollo

Lunch time Today I decided to eat the fantastic fajitas de pollo (chicken) here on the island of Menorca... As side dish the famous patatas bravas and salad... Enjoy the moment... #beyourmotivation Restaurant Atalis, Son Bou, Menorca

Workout In Vacation

During vacation we usually just eat and not train, but luckily some hotels have many different activities, including workout activities... Water Gym here in Menorca~~Hotel Milanos Pingüinos  There is always time for some workout... Be smart and take advantages of these activities... #beyourmotivation