Human Weight For Your Workout

It's workout time... Be alternative and instead of using classic weights for your workout, use members of your family, animals, friends, anything alternative... For my ABS plank workout I asked my niece to help me out...  ​​ It's a nice way to workout, you have fun and you work at the same time... #beyourmotivation10

C’è Solo Un Capitano

Impossibile trovare le parole...  "Totti è la Roma"  Il 28 Maggio 2017 rimarrà nella storia... dopo 28 anni in campo e 25 anni con la stessa e unica maglia numero 10, il capitano conclude la sua magica carriera... ​ ​​ Tutti uniti per il nostro Capitano... ​​ #beyourmotivation10

Family Workout

Good morning!!! Start your Saturday in the best way... what is the best way? Doing some physical activity... Today my workout consisted in a fast walk of 1 hour in the woods with my family... this is the best way to start the day, a combination of workout and family... what else do we need? … Leggi tutto Family Workout