Bushwick Art District

Love graffiti? You can't miss this district in Brooklyn, New York You will find all sorts of styles, it will be nice to walk around while enjoying street art... Add it on your MUST DO list when traveling in New York... Enjoy art!


Your outfit is too simple? Add accessories, they will make your outfit be unique and if you are smart and play around with them, by changing them all the time, your outfit will look new all the times you wear it... Checkout the Outfit: Simple black Jumpsuit with Elisabetta Franchi belt and bag...

Leo’s Bagel

You can't leave New York without having a delicious bagel... One of my favorite bagels is from Leo's Bagel, located near Wall Street... You can pick from the menu or make your own... top ingredients for an amazing flavor... Enjoy! Bagel made by me: Cream cheese, avocado and ham... #beyourmotivation10