NYC Mini 10k

New York Road Runner is an amazing event that brings together thousands of women who decide to run united for life... women run 💪🏻 #runforlife❤️ All these women running together with a common goal... run for love... it was nice to see how everyone would cheer on each other and help each other out... it … Leggi tutto NYC Mini 10k


Want to try something new? Why don't you go snowboarding... it gives you so much energy and adrenaline, you will feel free and happy... what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy life! It doesn't matter how many times you fall... the important is that you get back up! #beyourmotivation10


Adidas= innovation Every product is something new, something unpredictable, something you need to have! Try the new deerupt and feel how amazing they are... you will fall in love with them right away... Go and shop them right now! #beyourmotivation10

American Style

It is important to use walking shoes, especially when you know that you will be standing and/or walking... be smart and use your gym shoes in any moment, you can change them depending on the occasion just few minutes before... change them before your appointment, work or love , it doesn't matter, but choose comfortable … Leggi tutto American Style

Pinko Bag

The new pinko bag collection is the new MUST HAVE... Pinko has created a bag that no matter the size, "small" or "big", the interior is divided in the same perfect way... Choose the color and the size and enjoy your pinko bag... #beyourmotivation10