Kiwi & Mango Smoothie

Time to have a fresh snack... This sun is killing me... I need to get some energy from a fresh and healthy smoothie... Today my smoothie recipe is: 2 kiwi  1/2 mango 1/2 cup of almond milk 1 cup of cold water Contact me for any suggestions or questions: #beyourmotivation10 Outfit: (VICTORIA SECRET bathing … Leggi tutto Kiwi & Mango Smoothie

Jar Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt It's fantastic when you can do everything at home... it's true that you need to have time for these things but if you are able to manage time why not try to do some homemade yogurt... I decided to put my homemade yogurt in these mini jars and I added marmalade in order … Leggi tutto Jar Yogurt

Tropical Green Tea Smoothie

Healthy breakfast from Nordstrom E-bar... Coral Gables, Miami New smoothie this morning... a fantastic tropical green tea...  It's fresh... it's healthy... it's delicious... it's perfect... What did you have this morning?  Share your breakfast... comment or contact me on Stay tuned for new breakfasts...

Healthy Snack

Road Trip You are in the car for a trip and you are hungry? Choose a healthy snack for your journey... Here is my road trip snack... Vegetable sticks with hummus What about you? What do you eat as a snack? Share it with us... Comment or contact me on

Zucchine Alla Griglia

Vi piacciono le zucchine? A me tantissimo e le mangio in tutti i modi, al vapore, grigliate, ripiene... Oggi ho deciso di preparare le zucchine grigliate...voi come le avreste cucinate? Comment or contact me on: