Workout Circuit

Workout time! If you don't want to practice your classic workout exercises use your creativity and enjoy a fantastic workout circuit... Here is mine: Workout circuit: 30 seconds for each exercise 1. Jump rope 2. Arms exercises 3. Kettlebell squats 4. TRX #beyourmotivation10

Open Space Workout

It's starting to be too warm to workout in closed space gyms, this is why today I decided to workout in my garden... it's time for an open space workout... Today's workout was based on arms exercises, abs and some leg exercises... Share your workout with us.... Abs and legs workout combination: ​​ #beyourmotivation10

Oblique ABS Workout

Let's workout our oblique ABS... Fantastic exercise for our ABS... We need to add one movement to the classic oblique exercise...  Checkout the video so that you can understand and then try it... Let's WORKOUT #beyourmotivation10