Looking forward to have a relaxing, fun, romantic vacation? This is the perfect destination... MenorcaSon BouCala TurquetaHave fun on the water games... Son BouFoodSunset#beyourmotivation10


One of my favorites food fusion restaurant... Temakinho Delicious food fusion, created with a mix of amazing flavors... it is able to create a delicate taste by combining two different cuisines...Salmon TartareRolls: crunchy salmon, crunchy shrimps, salmon tartare...Temaki: salmon tartare and crunchy shrimps#beyourmotivation10

Los Angeles

Traveling around California...Los Angeles is another US MUST GO destination, but when visiting Los Angeles it is important to combine other destinations to this journey, such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills, which are the main cities and Santa Monica and Venice Beach for what concerns the beach destinations of this tour...Los Angeles is divided in … Leggi tutto Los Angeles


Let's move to Greece... one of the most visited location in Greece is Mykonos...Why you should visit Mykonos??? It's a destination for people that want to have fun... it's a party location...Mykonos has fantastic beaches, but especially beach party, amazing sunset and lovely food...Magical Sunset:Lovely Beach and amazing crystal water...Typical Food: #beyourmotivation10


One of the US MUST GO destination is Miami...It's time to move to Florida for 10 days if not more...When traveling to Miami, it's important to organize the journey and include destinations such as Orlando, for its amazing Disney World and Key West, which is located at the extreme and it is 90 miles to … Leggi tutto Miami

Santa Monica

Santa MonicaIf you are staying in Los Angeles then you must take your car and move to Santa Monica for a day, its a must when traveling around California...Enjoy the Pier, food, sea, sunset and shops...While you are enjoying the Cali life, you must take a break and visit Santa Monica...#beyourmotivation10

Avocado Bar

Are you an Avocado Lover???Then this is the perfect restaurant for you...All recipes are with avocado, but what is more important is that all the ingredients fit perfectly together...First Avocado Bar in Rome... what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy these delicious plates...Tentación:Avocado, cheese, basmatic sauce and nutsToast:Avocado, pink hummus, cheese and nuts...Corazón:Toast, avocado … Leggi tutto Avocado Bar

Amalfi Coast

Take a break and go for a four days vacation... 2017 Fast summer vacation: Amalfi Coast (Positano, Cetara, Amalfi, Sorrento) Positano: Fornillo Beach is smaller than the central beach but its better because you have more privacy and therefore you can enjoy and relax more... Nocelle Path--Sentiero degli Dei: It's a path that is a must … Leggi tutto Amalfi Coast