One of the US MUST GO destination is Miami...It's time to move to Florida for 10 days if not more...When traveling to Miami, it's important to organize the journey and include destinations such as Orlando, for its amazing Disney World and Key West, which is located at the extreme and it is 90 miles to … Leggi tutto Miami


What type of cereals do you consume?  I love granola... I love the one that I bought in Miami, Almond Coconut, but when this one will finish I will either make my own homemade granola, but in case I don't have time can you suggest me a brand that has a delicious and light granola? … Leggi tutto Granola

Smoothie King

Fantastic smoothies at Smoothie King in Coconut Grove, Miami Love smoothies? This is the right place for you... they make all sorts of smoothies and in fact they are able to satisfy all of their costumers... They have energizing, protein, classic, refreshing smoothies...

Tropical Green Tea Smoothie

Healthy breakfast from Nordstrom E-bar... Coral Gables, Miami New smoothie this morning... a fantastic tropical green tea...  It's fresh... it's healthy... it's delicious... it's perfect... What did you have this morning?  Share your breakfast... comment or contact me on Stay tuned for new breakfasts...

Tuna Tartare

Fresh, delicious healthy plate... Lunch time Today I decided to eat a fantastic tartare at Peacock Garden Cafe in Miami... What do you think about this plate? Comment or contact me on