Delicious restaurant near Tour Eiffel Want to eat amazing and delicate food? If your answer is yes, then this is the restaurant for you... The food is cooked perfectly and the taste is so delicate that when you eat, it seams that your are going on a journey, the mix of flavors will make you … Leggi tutto Pasco

Love Temaki

Lunch Time It's time for some fusion food, in specific temaki... This delicious temaki is made with salmon tartare and crunchy shrimp... love this contrast soft, crunchy... it creates an amazing taste... Go and try this special temaki... This is my favorite temaki and you can find it at Temakinho, lovely restaurant situated in Rome... … Leggi tutto Love Temaki

San Diego

Traveling around California and enjoying cali life it is important to make at least a 2 to 3 day stop in San Diego... the last American city... Wall that divides US and Mexico... San Diego may not be big, but it is another MUST STOP during your california tour... Important things to visit in San … Leggi tutto San Diego

Saint Petersburg

Russia's most fascinating city... Saint PetersburgLike other Russian cities, it is characterized by its culture, history, religion and food... differently from other Russian cities, Saint Petersburg is a more Romantic and fascinating city...Food:#beyourmotivation10


One of my favorites food fusion restaurant... Temakinho Delicious food fusion, created with a mix of amazing flavors... it is able to create a delicate taste by combining two different cuisines...Salmon TartareRolls: crunchy salmon, crunchy shrimps, salmon tartare...Temaki: salmon tartare and crunchy shrimps#beyourmotivation10


Let's move to Greece... one of the most visited location in Greece is Mykonos...Why you should visit Mykonos??? It's a destination for people that want to have fun... it's a party location...Mykonos has fantastic beaches, but especially beach party, amazing sunset and lovely food...Magical Sunset:Lovely Beach and amazing crystal water...Typical Food: #beyourmotivation10