Juice Generation

Açaí Bowls are the best healthy solution in order to get some energy... Enjoy it around New York City in any Juice Generation... Açaí Bowl: All Stars Açaí Get some energy! #beyourmotivation10

Loco Coco

Love energy bowls? You need to go to Loco Coco, Lexington Street, New York... You can either make your own or choose from their menu... whatever you prefer, in any case you will enjoy! Go for it! #beyourmotivation10


Sunday Brunch Enjoy a lovely brunch... Try this lovely French restaurant at Midtown New York called Boucherie... Amazing location, outstanding service and top food... #beyourmotivation10

American Style

It is important to use walking shoes, especially when you know that you will be standing and/or walking... be smart and use your gym shoes in any moment, you can change them depending on the occasion just few minutes before... change them before your appointment, work or love , it doesn't matter, but choose comfortable … Leggi tutto American Style


Weekend MUST: brunch On weekends enjoy family and friends and share with them a lovely brunch... Want to enjoy some pancakes? Go and do your brunch at Bobby's in New York... Happy Sunday! #beyourmotivation10

Salt Line

Lovely seafood restaurant in Washington Salt Line Nice restaurant located southeast riverfront where you can enjoy delicious seafood... I recommend going to it with a nice sunny day so that you can enjoy also the view and not just the food... Enjoy your meal! #beyourmotivation10

Circa At Clarendon

Sunday Brunch Love to brunch on weekends... what about you? If you do, share your brunch with us... Here is where me and my friend had brunch this Sunday... Circa at Clarendon: lovely location and amazing food... recommend it for sure! #beyourmotivation10