Leo’s Bagel

You can't leave New York without having a delicious bagel... One of my favorite bagels is from Leo's Bagel, located near Wall Street... You can pick from the menu or make your own... top ingredients for an amazing flavor... Enjoy! Bagel made by me: Cream cheese, avocado and ham... #beyourmotivation10

Nation Night Run

First Nation Night Run... What an amazing experience, running in order to hear a different DJ, who wouldn't run? What happens when you finish the mini marathon? You can enjoy the party and different DJ's at the end point... Save the date for the next Nation Night Run.

The Egg House

Looking for a cool location where you can have fun and take lots of pictures with your friends or family? You MUST go to the Egg House in New York City... Enjoy the egg life in New York... #beyourmotivation10

Best Pancake NYC

Looking for some delicious pancakes in New York City? You must go to Bubby... top restaurant with a vast menu, but my favorite plate is Blueberry pancakes... They will make your day! What are you waiting? Go and enjoy your pancakes! #beyourmotivation10