Wellington Filet Mignon

Lunch Time Get inspired by Master Chef and create amazing plates at your house... Today? My Master Chef (my mom) cooked this amazing and delicious wellington filet mignon... it was her first time and it was just fantastic... Get inspiration and try new things at home... Enjoy your meal... #beyourmotivation10

Magnum For All 

No matter how old you are it's always a pleasure to eat a Magnum... even better when you can personalize it and choose ingredients based on your taste... Taste is for everyone, it is not based on your age, in fact, no matter how old you are follow your culinary instinct...

Adidas Fashion

Love the new Adidas fashion collection... you don't need to wear adidas just for your workout... now you can wear it for any occasion, so what are you waiting for? Checkout the new adidas fashion collection... #beyourmotivation10


Restaurant SambaMaki Viale Regina Margherita, 168 (RM) Fusion Cusine How does this restaurant differentiate from other fusion cusine restaurants? The key factor is that also it's Chef is a fusion of culture, since his mother is Japanese and his dad is Brazilian, therefore it does not offer the classic japanese or brazilian food, but on … Leggi tutto SambaMaki