San Diego

Traveling around California and enjoying cali life it is important to make at least a 2 to 3 day stop in San Diego... the last American city... Wall that divides US and Mexico... San Diego may not be big, but it is another MUST STOP during your california tour... Important things to visit in San … Leggi tutto San Diego


Let's move to Greece... one of the most visited location in Greece is Mykonos...Why you should visit Mykonos??? It's a destination for people that want to have fun... it's a party location...Mykonos has fantastic beaches, but especially beach party, amazing sunset and lovely food...Magical Sunset:Lovely Beach and amazing crystal water...Typical Food: #beyourmotivation10


One of the US MUST GO destination is Miami...It's time to move to Florida for 10 days if not more...When traveling to Miami, it's important to organize the journey and include destinations such as Orlando, for its amazing Disney World and Key West, which is located at the extreme and it is 90 miles to … Leggi tutto Miami

Lady Beach Soccer

It's summer time, therefore let's bring some sport on the beach...It's time for LADY BEACH SOCCER CUP...Enjoy some sport on the sand...Location: Gaeta, Italy (LT)Start: 9/08/2017#beyourmotivation10

Amalfi Coast

Take a break and go for a four days vacation... 2017 Fast summer vacation: Amalfi Coast (Positano, Cetara, Amalfi, Sorrento) Positano: Fornillo Beach is smaller than the central beach but its better because you have more privacy and therefore you can enjoy and relax more... Nocelle Path--Sentiero degli Dei: It's a path that is a must … Leggi tutto Amalfi Coast

Restaurant: Ferdinando

Lunch Time Lovely beach day in Positano, on the fantastic famous beach Fornillo... For lunch we decided to eat at the beach restaurant called Ferdinando and we ate one of the famous plates in the South of Italy: La Caprese... it's a MUST of the Italian cusine... #beyourmotivation10