Be Active

Good Morning!! It's Monday, people are going to work and schools are restarting after the summer break, but don't forget to have breakfast... If you are late try this perfect solution for breakfast... Drinkable yogurt with low level of lactose, high percentage of proteins and low fats... choose your flavor and enjoy... I decided to … Leggi tutto Be Active

Ginger Energy Bowl

Good Morning!! Today I decided to modify my classic energy bowl by adding some homemade ginger honey to it... It hads that lovely spicy taste to it... try it! Ginger Energy bowl: Bluberries Blackberries Kiwi Mango Toppings: Ginger honey Blueberries Granola Start the day in the best way... #beyourmotivation10

Blackberries & Mango Smoothie

Good Morning!!!It's so hot outside that we need to have a lovely, healthy and fresh breakfast in the morning...In order to start the day in the best way with the right amount of energy, I decided to have for breakfast a fresh smoothie...Smoothie made with blackberries and mango... enjoy the flavor and start your day...#beyourmotivation10

Let’s Rewind 

Good Morning!!! Sometimes we would just like to rewind and start all over again... ​​ Unfortunately it's not possible, therefore let's enjoy every moment of the day and let's start by enjoying our breakfast...