Alternative store where it is possible to buy ice cream, snack, yogurt, beverages, coffee, tea.. Not only the products are fantastic, what's even better is it's location... The store has a fantastic fan system outside of the store where it is possible to get some fresh air while you are consuming the products...

Fish Market 

It is important to eat fish at least three times per week... What is more important is where the fish comes from... we need to be careful from where the products that we buy come from and especially if they are fresh and not modified... The best solution is to buy fish directly from the … Leggi tutto Fish Market 

Fruit Shake

Happiness Snack Healthy fruit shake... Before leaving Venice we had to get an energizing fresh drink... we decided to get a fantastic fruit shake and walk to the train station... Love to find bars that have fresh fruit and are able to create delicious and healthy fresh drinks... Two lovely fruit shake... #beyourmotivation10

Snack With Strawberries 

Time to have a snack... It's hot outside and a perfect snack today is a lovely cup of fresh strawberries... It's nice to eat fresh fruit while walking around the city... Here in Venice you will be able to buy fresh fruit around the whole city...  Enjoy your walks... #beyourmotivation10