Rude Club

Dinner Time October and November are truffle months, therefore find a lovely restaurant that makes delicious creations with truffles... I am in love with this pub called Rude, it has top meat that is cooked exactly how you desire and they also have truffle sauce that adds that amazing taste to it... so what are … Leggi tutto Rude Club

Ginger Smoothie

Looking for a healthy snack to have around Rome? No problem, while you walk around the center take a break and stop by Ginger... a lovely healthy bio restaurant... Best Smoothies Ever Smoothie: Formosa Papaya, strawberry and orange Go and Try it!   #beyourmotivation10

Wellington Filet Mignon

Lunch Time Get inspired by Master Chef and create amazing plates at your house... Today? My Master Chef (my mom) cooked this amazing and delicious wellington filet mignon... it was her first time and it was just fantastic... Get inspiration and try new things at home... Enjoy your meal... #beyourmotivation10

Magnum For All 

No matter how old you are it's always a pleasure to eat a Magnum... even better when you can personalize it and choose ingredients based on your taste... Taste is for everyone, it is not based on your age, in fact, no matter how old you are follow your culinary instinct...