Blackberries & Mango Smoothie

Good Morning!!!It's so hot outside that we need to have a lovely, healthy and fresh breakfast in the morning...In order to start the day in the best way with the right amount of energy, I decided to have for breakfast a fresh smoothie...Smoothie made with blackberries and mango... enjoy the flavor and start your day...#beyourmotivation10

Let’s Rewind 

Good Morning!!! Sometimes we would just like to rewind and start all over again... ​​ Unfortunately it's not possible, therefore let's enjoy every moment of the day and let's start by enjoying our breakfast...

Sweet Breakfast 

Start the day with a sweet breakfast... Wakeup and prepare a delicious breakfast for you and your partner... you will need just a few ingredients in order to make a sweet breakfast... Sweet breakfast: Peach & Apricot Smoothie Melba Toast & Jam Start the day in a sweet way... #beyourmotivation10

Summer Touch To My Outfit

Sunny day 🌞 Use your accessories to bring some color in your outfit... Today I decided to use coral accessories in order to give that summer touch to my outfit... What do you think about it?  Share it with us... and come on Depop and find new accessories for you: gaiatrocchia #beyourmotivation10


Walking around Beverly Hills on the famous Rodeo road...  In order to walk around Beverly Hills I decided to wear a simple black dress by Abercrombie & Fitch, my new Michael Kors backpack and could not leave the house without my lovely Fendi sunglasses, since it was a nice sunny day...  What do you think … Leggi tutto #onlyonrodeoroad