Crew Burger

New restaurant opened in Gaeta and it's called Crew Burger... Cool location and technological restaurant... You will order your food from a tablet, you will be able to see pictures of the food and have a nice description of it... It combines business to pleasure... Enjoy your dinner... Mexican Burger with hamburger, swiss cheese, bacon, … Leggi tutto Crew Burger

Cous Cous Salad

Lunch Time The temperature are getting really high, therefore we need to find alternatives for our meals... One delicious fresh lunch alternative is cous cous salad made with chicken, carrots and zucchini... Try it and let me know what you think about it... #beyourmotivation10

Fajitas De Pollo

Lunch time Today I decided to eat the fantastic fajitas de pollo (chicken) here on the island of Menorca... As side dish the famous patatas bravas and salad... Enjoy the moment... #beyourmotivation Restaurant Atalis, Son Bou, Menorca

Salad Mix

Love to eat salad?  Me too... Try to add or change some ingredients all the time... This time I decided to add cucumbers to my salad with avocado and tomatos... What do you think?  Share your opinion  #beyourmotivation10

Add Some Carbohydrates 

Remember that last week we saw the tomato salad with tuna and avocado, well this time we decided to add some toasted bread under...  We need to assume also some carbohydrates during the day so why not add them to our fantastic salad? What do you think about it? Share your opinion... #beyourmotivation10

Fast Salad

Need to create a fast salad? Don't have time to cook?  Create a fast salad with ham, tomatos, carrots and avocado... Don't need to cook and you will eat a healthy and fresh salad and it will be ready in a short period of time... #beyourmotivation10