Woods Outfit 

Walking around San Francisco Muir Woods... In order to walk around in the nature I decided to wear a wide comfortable black pant, white T-shirt, jeans jacket, sneakers, hat and backpack... this is a type of outfit that is perfect for many occasions and for different climates... What do you think?... Share it with us... … Leggi tutto Woods Outfit 

How much do you walk when you travel? Are you a person that walks around the city or place you are traveling? If you are, then you are just like me... when I travel I need to explore the city, I need to walk around in order to have the possibility to observe everything...  I … Leggi tutto

Crab House

San Francisco Crab House è un delizioso ristorante sul molo, Pier 39...  Il ristorante affaccia proprio sul molo e si trova al secondo piano di Pier 39, il molo più famoso di San Francisco... Piatto tipico del ristorante è il granchio, di fatti si chiama "casa del granchio"... Lovely Food Antipasto Crab Cocktail Crab soup  … Leggi tutto Crab House