It’s final exams time… You are also studying for exams? What will you have for snack?

Today I decided to have something sweet but at the same time healthy… Need a lovely and tasty break from my entrepreneurial mind notes…

Strawberries, low fat yogurt and granola…

Need a lot of energy in order to continue to study…

Hate all exams sessions, but at least during summer snacks are more tasty…


5 Replies to “Entrepreneurial Break”

    1. Hello, for what concerns calories I have a weight at home that tells me how many I should intake per day… I can recommend you to take track of what you eat so that you don’t exaggerate 😉

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      1. I have been trying to do that but never succeeded . Do you do this every day? Or do you create your diet once a month or week according to calorie intake! Thanks for your reply!

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      2. Ohhh I see!! ok jejej sorry! I though you were into the IIFYM thing ! But it is still amazing all your progress!!!! I envy you jajaj in the good way!

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