Il Tarí

Traveling long the Amalfi Coast you will need to stop in one of the major city of this tour, Amalfi

After you have walked around on the pier and in the city center you can stop by one of the many restaurants that you will find in the city…

While we were walking around up the city, we stopped in front of a restaurant called Tarí… we read the menu outside and we immediately fell in love with the plates…

If you don’t know where to have lunch or dinner at Amalfi, then you should try this restaurant…
Our selection of plates:


Gratinated Seafood

First Course: 

Pasta (fusilli) with crunchy zucchini and clamshells…

Pasta (scialatielli) with clamshells, mussels, calamari and tomatoes…
Second Courses:

Fish cooked with tomatoes, known as fish “all’acqua pazza”…

Grilled Tuna with salad…

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