Mushroom Toast

Bored of the classic toast? Here is a delicate and delicious alternative... Mushroom toast: It consists of toasted bread covered with melted cheese, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar topping... You can find this lovely Mushroom Toast at BANTER Restaurant, New York... #beyourmotivation10

Avocado Toast

Enjoy a lovely Avocado toast with fresh cheese, tomatoes and pesto... you can choose if you want to add poached eggs or not, it all depends on your taste preference... Enjoy! Avocado toast by BANTER Restaurant, New York #beyourmotivation10


Want to try something new? Why don't you go snowboarding... it gives you so much energy and adrenaline, you will feel free and happy... what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy life! It doesn't matter how many times you fall... the important is that you get back up! #beyourmotivation10


Adidas= innovation Every product is something new, something unpredictable, something you need to have! Try the new deerupt and feel how amazing they are... you will fall in love with them right away... Go and shop them right now! #beyourmotivation10

The Smith

Brunch time Weekend is here... have any plans to where brunch this weekend?? Here is my proposal... Restaurant The Smith, you can find it in Washington DC and New York City... Enjoy a delicious Avocado toast with poached eggs and an amazing waffle with cinnamon apple and cream... Enjoy your weekend! #beyourmotivation10

Juice Generation

Açaí Bowls are the best healthy solution in order to get some energy... Enjoy it around New York City in any Juice Generation... Açaí Bowl: All Stars Açaí Get some energy! #beyourmotivation10

Loco Coco

Love energy bowls? You need to go to Loco Coco, Lexington Street, New York... You can either make your own or choose from their menu... whatever you prefer, in any case you will enjoy! Go for it! #beyourmotivation10


Sunday Brunch Enjoy a lovely brunch... Try this lovely French restaurant at Midtown New York called Boucherie... Amazing location, outstanding service and top food... #beyourmotivation10

American Style

It is important to use walking shoes, especially when you know that you will be standing and/or walking... be smart and use your gym shoes in any moment, you can change them depending on the occasion just few minutes before... change them before your appointment, work or love , it doesn't matter, but choose comfortable … Leggi tutto American Style