Lobster Roll

Enjoy and amazing lobster roll in midtown, New York City... Lovely restaurant between 5th and 7th Avenue... Burger & Lobster... amazing food and cool location... what are you waiting? Go and get an amazing lobster roll... Enjoy your meal! #beyourmotivation10

Poke Papa’

Tired of eating the classic sushi rolls? Here is the solution: Poke bowls What are poke bowls? Broken down Sushi rolls... you can make your own poke bowl and it will be like you are eating different sushi rolls... Here is how it works: 1 Select a Size: snack, regular, large, no scoops, extra scoop … Leggi tutto Poke Papa’

Mango Surprise

Starting to feel spring? Try this mix: Mango, carrots and kiwi... you will be surprised by the amazing taste that these there ingredients make... Mango Surprise: #beyourmotivation10