When you make your trip to New York City, if you are good at planning and managing time try to do a 2 day trip to Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls are a magical place!

I went with friends to this 2-day organized tour to Niagara Falls and we really enjoyed it!


Day 1: Departure 8 am from New York City- Arrival 4 pm Niagara Falls

**In the tour some sites are included other are optional.

1st tour: Maid of Mist

2nd tour: Movie (we didn’t book this tour so we walked around and took pictures)

3rd: Cave of the Winds

4th tour: Night View of Niagara Falls

Dinner Time at the Food court and Hotel

Day 2: 6:45 leave hotel

1st tour: Boat ride (we didn’t do this trip and we went to have breakfast)

2nd tour: The Fort

3rd tour: observatory, walk around and lunch

Departure 2 pm from Niagara Falls- Arrival 10 pm New York City

It’s true you don’t have that much time to enjoy it, but I would recommend anyways because in 2 days you are able to live this magic place.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on instagram: gaia_trocchia

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