Renting An Apartment in NYC

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When you are foreign it is always hard to settle in the new city, even harder when the laws don’t support international workers, but here are some tips when renting an apartment in New York City.

1. Make sure you have a solid guarantor before searching for an apartment.

-your guarantor needs to make 8 times your rent in order to be approved.

-need to be willing to send to the agency personal information such as, tax returns, W-2, Photo ID and any other possible document.

2. Make sure you are ready to pay 15% calculated from your rent to the Broker. (Varies depending on the agency)

3. Be ready to pay 2 months rent and deposit. (Varies depending on apartment management)

4. Get ready to get an unfurnished apartment if you want a good rent price.

5. Get ready that it will not be an easy thing!

After 1 week here I am!

Managed to sign the lease contract, paid all the fees and ready to buy furniture for my first real apartment!

Recommendation: buy everything on amazon!

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