Carlo’s Bake Shop

Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro

Everyone knows Buddy Valastro, and if you don’t its time for you to know who he is and taste its delicious pastry… Buddy Valastro is the top Cake Boss and he has its first and most famous Bake Shop, thanks to the TV Series, Carlo’s Bakery house in Hoboken, New Jersey, just 30 minutes from New York…

You can find other Carlo’s Bakery Shops around New York and around the US, but you MUST go at least once at the famous and first shop in Hoboken…

You will find a variety of sweets that you will never forget once you taste them…

Cupcakes: red velvet, fudge (chocolate/vanilla), butter cream (chocolate/vanilla), caramel, carrot, peanut butter, flower…

Pastries: brownie with and without nuts, cannoli, chocolate cannoli, lobster tail, tarts, cream puff…

Cookies: chocolate chips, M&M, triple chocolate, peanut butter..

Cakes: chocolate mousse, red velvet, cannoli, tiramisu, carrot, strawberry shortcake, oreo…

Non sono finiti qui, quindi se siete nei paraggi andateci!


Hoboken, New Jersey

Las Vegas, Nevada

Marlton, Morristown, Red Bank, Ridgewood, Westfield, New Jersey

Times Square, New York City

Queste foto le ho scattate nella Carlo’s Bake Shop di Hoboken, New Jersey

IMG_4997 IMG_4998IMG_5002

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